The Diff Concept on Defining Creativity

Lazada Philippines

Hey! I still have the Blogapalooza hang over and you will see that on the series of blogs I will be posting. Let’s start now. Has anyone heard about The Diff?

The Diff Concept is one of the brands present at Blogapalooza 2015. The Diff living the name of being different had their booth designed with a Halloween theme and with a big freedom board were bloggers, guests and sponsors can express themselves by doing scribbles, doodles, drawings and other artistic things!

So what’s the buzz?

“We champion individuality and reflect this in our products, thought up for every personality” – The Diff

This Manila based brand quotes themselves as a brand that believes in self-expression. They provide services on giving your gadget’s case an identity that embodies your own personality. How?

Your design + The Diff = Self Expression

It is easy to have your DIY case. I have tried it and here are the steps. [Screenshots from The Diff website]

image source:

choose a blank canvas between iPhone or Samsung

Choose the phone model, choose between matte or glossy, assign quantity and click “add image” to add your own artwork.

Your order will then automatically appear to your cart. You can then create your account, put on your address for the shipping details and select the mode of payment. It will be shipped to you once done. Online shopping at its best!


mode of payment

During Blogapalooza

Me and my guest Budjie were lucky that The Diff artists are there. They are selling their artworks and comic books at the event. They are also offering on the spot drawings. My boyfriend wants to have a drawing of him playing the drums. He chose no one else but Rob Cham to do it. Cham became famous at Tumblr and with his works Art for Meiday and movie Ang Nawawala.  Below is the artwork!

We paid for this (P200) so the text is intentional. Please don’t grab without proper credits. 🙂
*My boyfriend plans to have a customized case from The Diff using this design.
Lazada Philippines

The Diff's twitter post about it.
The Diff’s twitter post about it.
Featured Artists

The Diff also has ‘artists collection’ (Artists Collection I and II) created by their roster of talented artists along with other designs. Check out lists of artists below!

image source:

The price range of the gadget cases are from P345 to P445. 🙂

While there are a lot of gadget case designs we can find in the market, this one (DIY case) will be made especially for you. Create your own artwork then have it printed on the case. Then… hola! You already have your DIY case with a design only you has it!

 Want to shop now? Visit to get your customize cases.

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      I thought you were able to make it. Saw your post that you were going after your run. I think that’s from your page. Anyway, see you next year!


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