The 3D Feels: Hands on to iamcardboardph’s Virtual Reality Kit

As I went inside One Esplanade, I noticed the first booth located at the main entrance. Saw boxes with labels of iamcardboard. I then wondered. “What’s with the cardboard?”


It was already half the time of my stay at Blogapalooza when I decided to go to their booth. I still saw a lot of bloggers and guests talking to the brand partners from iamcardboardph so I just waited for my turn. When it was finally my turn, that’s the time I had a closer look at iamcardboardph’s products -the goggles-looking-cardboards-which they call – Virtual Reality (VR) kits.

The Origin

“A Google template. Scrap cardboard boxes. Cutters… And a lot of impatience.” –

Iamcardboard’s (iamcardboardph is the distributor here in the Philippines) Virtual Reality Kit is inspired by the Google Cardboard. iamcardboard created their own.

Little trivia: The Google Cardboard was made by David Coz and Damien Henry to call on attention of developers on creating Virtual Reality applications. It was launched on the Google I/O 2014 developers’ conference for Android devices. T’was recently designed for Google software dedicated to Android phones but eventually got iOS support this 2015.

Iamcardboard Virtual Reality Kit

VR kits are virtual reality platform made of cardboard where a mobile phone can be mounted. It can be used on playing VR games and VR movies giving you the 3D “feels”.

VR Kit composition
  1. cardboard
  2. lenses
  3. rubber band
  4. magnet/Conductive Foam Button
  5. Near Field Communication (NFC) tag.

Inside the brown box is this where your cardboard’s waiting to emerge.

Remove what’s inside and you’ll get this. Just a box? Hmm.

It’s not just a box…slide, flip and secure to set-up. Then….

Say Hello to your Cardboard!

3D Feels, anyone?

And now you are ready! As I have mentioned, VR Kit will give you the 3D feels. I enjoy using this on playing VR games like InMind VR and Insidious VR. When I am playing InMind VR, it’s like I am inside a patient’s brain killing the bad neurons that cause mental disorder to the patient. Darn, cool!

It is recommended to download the Cardboard application which is available for Android and iOS. For iOS, your iTunes needs to be set up as US iTunes (how to set up US iTunes) as (for now) it is only available in the US.  But don’t fret iPhone users, if you don’t want to set up US iTunes, you can download individual applications. As seen on iamcardboardph’s website, here are their recommended applications.

1.Rollercoaster VR by Fibrum            7.Tokyo VR
2.Crazy Swing VR                                 8.Vrse – Virtual Reality
3.Battle360VR                                       9.Egypt Chamber Cardboard
4.DebrisDefrag for Cardboard           10.Lamper VR
5.Insidious VR                                       11.InMind VR
6.Radial-G Infinity                               12.Tuscany Dive

That’s my boyfriend playing InMind VR using Virtual Reality Kit 2 at Blogapalooza.

I asked iamcardboardph brand partner Mikhail where we can buy the VR Kits. According to him, one can avail of VR kits at DyceNDyne and buy online at website They will be releasing soon in the market.

Check out their products below!

screenshot from

Mine I got for free. How? Because I won on their photo contest at Blogapalooza! Below is my entry. (It was a failure because I have not read their DM on IG last October 25 that there is a final raffle until yesterday. Hahaha.)

Be in touch with iamcardboardph on their social media site links provided.

Facebook          Instagram         Twitter

Salamat, iamcardboardph!


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