The Sunday Currently | Vol. 11

It is good to see that fellow Filipino bloggers are now joining the fun of blogging about The Sunday Currently. Some bloggers also create their own versions of this. I see few posting on Facebook blog groups, wow! Anyway, now, I am on to my 11th.


Apologies if I am unable to post my The Sunday Currently last week for I was at the Blogapalooza event [blog post here]. It was fun! Read the blog post and you’ll know why.

Today is November 1 and later, my family and I are going to the cemetery and St. Peter columbary to visit our departed loved ones. Anyway, what I am doing currently?

reading – this article November 2 not a holiday, says Palace.

writing – about my foodie experience at Kaka aside from my The Sunday Currently blog entry.

listening – to Adelle’s new song Hello. This is a super emotional song. Grabe!

thinking – why November 2 is not a holiday. I know I am too late about this news. But ,as far as I know, November 1 is All Saint’s Day and November 2 is All Soul’s Day. Technically, the day people should visit their loved ones is tomorrow but, anyway, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is we remember our loved ones always.

image from

smelling – food! Oh. What’s more delightful when you wake up smelling food? 🙂

wishing and hoping– for a safe trip!

wearing – my pajamas. But I’ll be taking a bath in a few and change clothes. 🙂

loving – is one of the very special feeling anyone would feel.

wanting and needing – some anti-histamine to buster this allergic rhinitis.

Do you want to do this, too? Join siddathornton on her The Sunday Currently!


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