Bathe with perfume with Lux Fine Fragrance Magical Spell Body Wash and Soap

You have seen it in the tv commercials and probably on website advertisements, yes it is true, Lux is back here in the Philippines. I know most of you would agree that if you have relatives abroad, their balikbayan boxes would most of the time have soaps, and one brand that is common is Lux. If my memory serves me right, at one point, we had this soap in the local market, but eventually was phased out. Now, say hello again to Lux as it offers one of their new products-the Lux Fine Fragrance Magical Spell Body Wash and soap

“The perfume of LUX Magical Spell puts a woman over the edge and makes her feel absolutely confident.”

-Master Perfumer, Nicole Mancini


I got my free samples from House of Lux last October and tested everything for weeks before posting this review. I guess, that’s the best way to give a review, right? Hmmm. So what can I say?

The package that was sent to me contains a purple pouch, inside it is the Lux Magical Spell soap and body wash. Magical Spell is part of the Fine Fragrance Collection. Though it is in a pouch, the smell of the soap and body wash is already there. It is a striking but very sweet black orchid scent that tends to linger on everyone’s nose. What a great way to introduce, huh?

The Lux Magic Spell soap

The soap is also in purple with a very intricate floral carvings on it. It is foamish when used unlike the body wash. For my skin, it has no iritation effect which is good! I like how the smell lingers on my skin but I just wished it would have stayed longer. For my experience, the scent would usually stay for about 2 hours.  Note that I  go to work Mondays to Fridays and my usual routine is riding a bus from Fairview to Guadalupe and jeepney from Guadalupe to Mckinley. Hmm. Not bad, right?

Lux Fine Fragrance Magic Spell
The Lux Magic Spell Body Wash

The Lux Body wash can be used alternately with the bar soap. It is not foamish so if you just came from a very rigorous activity, I suggest to use the bar soap instead. The body wash is in purple shade as well and smells just as feminine as (of course) with the bar soap. What I love the most is it is not hard to rinse unlike other body wash. Yep. I do not usually use body wash because it’s even harder to rinse than soaps.


The Lux Body Wash mixed with water – not too foamish

According to New York based Master Perfumer Nicole Mancini, it took her 9 months to create this and it is worth it. Every girl needs to have this! Will I recommend this? Obviously, yes plus a thumbs up!

I have a normal skin type and I can recommend these products to all ladies with the same type as me because it does not irritate the skin. I got this for free but the price in the market is fair. You can buy these at any drug store.


Soap – 39 PHP

Body Wash – 55 PHP

Aside from the intoxicating smell of Black Orchid, Lux Magical Spell is also composed of Peony, Jasmine and Tuberose which all made the variant bewitching.

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