How to set up a self hosted weblog using

Hello! Welcome to “Little Stories. Big Mind.” This is actually my weblog’s new home. I was formerly sharing my life experiences and adventures at Now, I am self-hosting my blog.

The last time, I shared with my readers how I designed my former little space in the web. As the free version of WordPress is limited, I invested with hiring artists to make my official logo and header which I used to design the free theme I am using.

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If you are planning to set up your own blog using, just continue reading because I will be sharing how to do it.Let us start first on defining WordPress.

WordPress is an open source publishing platform that can be used for creating websites and blogs. If you are decided to use WP, then, you are choosing the right platform as it powers a lot of famous websites like Sony Music, MTV News, eBay, Samsung, Yahoo and more. WordPress comes in two forms, the and So what’s the difference? is absolutely free. You just need to access the site, register an account, assign your blog name and it will appear as <>. After that, you can start blogging. There are built-in plugins that are ready for use. You can choose from their free theme/templates, too. But of course, since it is free, it comes with limitations (some) as listed:

  • Ads like Google Adsense can’t be used
  • No further customizing access
  • Can’t use javascript links and iframe (if you are about to)
  • Can’t edit PHP files


Now, we go to is for people who wanted to have hands-on access on customizing and designing their website. It is like starting from scratch. Here is a guide on how to set up your own weblog.

Export everything

If you are like me who have been using before and will be migrating, you can import all of your blog posts to Just go to your’S WP-admin>>click on tools>>click export. Choose the free exporting option>>click start export>>tick all content>>tick Download export file. A download link will then be sent to your registered email address. You then have to import this once your new site is set up   .



Register your domain

Whether you want a .com, .org, .net or other suffix or a generic Top Level Domain, your domain name or web address needs to be registered. The hosting company I hired made the registration and purchase for me thru My domain comes with a free WhoisGuard (spam protection) for 1 year and the domain name registration is $9.66 for a year. Note that .com is part of the generic Top Level Domains that is mandatory charged with an annual fee of $0.18 by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)


You can check if your desire domain name is taken on the site

exportscreenshot is not available since I already registered that as my own domain name

Find a host and learn about *cPanel

*cPanel – if that is what your hosting company provides

Your blog will be self-hosted so you will be responsible on finding a host that will house your weblog. WordPress recommends Bluehost, but my hosting came from CoffeeMags which was recommended by Ms. Pam of CoffeeMags is a Filipino owned  one stop online shop for both beginners and experts. It offers $1 per month web hosting, web and mobile development, seo optimization and a time limited offer free website set-up. They are providing a CPanel which is a web based hosting control panel that helps a blog owner manage features. Some of these popular features are: managing databases, domain names, mail accounts, and back ups. The good point about this company is you don’t need to have a credit card to pay for their services. They accept payment via bank deposit and PayPal. 🙂

Download and Install

Now that you have your domain name and web host, you need to have Unlike, a software needs to be downloaded. Don’t fret! The software is free, just go to to download. You can use the one-click installation on cPanel with steps here.

*You can also opt to install it manually.

Log in to WordPress

After installing WordPress you will then be given your admin URL link, username and password. Access the admin url link then log-in. Next steps?

1.    Design your own blog by purchasing premium or free themes.
2.    Download plug-ins – most of the widget that will appear on your weblog need to be installed. You need plug-ins for it.. (e.g. facebook widget, sharing buttons, top posts and pages.)
3.    Write your first post (*or if you have a blog before, migrate your blog posts)

Hope you learned something from this. I shared everything I did to come up with If you have questions, feel free to comment or send me an email. Happy blogging!

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8 thoughts on “How to set up a self hosted weblog using

  1. Liz says:

    I’ve only recently started with and I’m actually finding it quite a challenge to publish another page. And yes I agree it’s got limited features. Is easier though?


    1. aikaloraine says:

      it’s just the same on how you publish posts and pages with What’s challenging is you have to install everything like the sharing buttons, subscribe and more. 🙂 thanks for dropping by!


  2. ROBERT LEE says:

    Serious bloggers need to do self-hosted blogs and WordPress is a great platform with all its customization, availability of plugins and themes, both paid and free.

    For domain names, NameCheap is good. There is a cheaper one too, NameSilo.

    As for hosting. I recommend going with a host that owns its own server farm. A must for security and upgradability.


  3. Rachel Arandilla says:

    Wow! This guide actually made more sense than the official WordPress guide. This seems simpler–I should try it out. I gave up on setting up my own blog via (I rely on months ago because I am so illiterate with these things. Maybe I’ll try this one out–although there may be some differences as I am on Apple OS.


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