Earn while you Donate with MarShie’s Collection

Words by: Marie Joy Uy

ioIs it possible? Earning while helping? YES, it is.

Earn while you Donate with MarShie’s Collection

Now, you can buy new apparels (from clothes to shoes and bags) without compromising your budget or even checking your ATM balance. What’s more is you can help the needy (and EARN!) once you invest your pre-loved apparels which are just gathering dust around the corner of your room.

Let me show to you the people who have seen the light in the business-humanitarian approach of MarShie’s Collection. After the launch in quite a number of months, we also gained a handful number of snappy and loving investors that you too could become one.

It is now time to give hats off to the INVESTORS who believed and earned effortlessly while being philanthropists at the same time.

The Roster of Investors: The People Behind the Collection

Where fashion is affordable and humanitarian.


Roselle Suarez

You would be surprised to know how selfless “Seng” embraced the Collection. She considers this as one of her ministries where she gets a chance to give back to the society as she consistently does by outreach programs and discipleship through the Australian Missionaries, or also known as C3 Church, which they were known as the church-planters here in the Philippines. Surprisingly at her young age, this fashion enthusiast has already invested not only her apparels but also her time to gain new friends with fellow humanitarians.

She is a big fan of investments not only in MarShie’s Collection, but also for her future. This imply that being in your early 20s is not a hindrance to earn as much as you can through the most manageable efforts.

After taking BS Mass Communication from Bulacan State University, she consistently kept abreast with MarShie’s Collection while being a full-time Business Technologist.

Loving entertainment and leisure, and having plenty of goals are her main assets to achieve what she has attained now. After discovering the opportunity in MarShie’s Collection, she immediately had a wardrobe clean up. Indeed, all you need is a minute of your time to get extra income, and simply follow your heart’s truest desires.


Gellene Sagum

A Registered Nurse and presently affiliated with Vian Family Hospital II, this “Snow White” is also a business woman of her own. She engaged herself in being a beauty product sales specialist (no doubt her face gets a lot of buyers).

She is focusing on MarShie’s Collection as she updates her income twice a month. With more than 20 quality collectibles, she is indeed hands on and committed with her investments with us.

MarShie’s Collection has indeed helped her freeing the legion of unused apparels from her closet while gaining unexpected extra income.

Carol Anne
Carol Anne

Carol Anne Asuncion

This affectionate mother of two is a Billing and Sales Specialist at IBEX Global Solutions. Being a close friend of one of the CAPITALISTS, she seriously showed how much she believed and envisioned the bright future of MarShie’s Collection.

As she wants to see MarShie’s Collection grow, she supported the business from the first time she heard its humanitarian-business system. Being a very encouraging friend, she was there all throughout to show support in all means possible.

“Jenny” (been interviewed on the condition of anonymity)

A girl on fire when it comes to business. “Jenny” has lots of goals and visions to have her own business too and when it comes to investments, she is very much interested.

With such interest, she was able to extend her network, friendship, and business goals. Aside from keeping a job in the call center industry, she is also a hot momma of two.

Jerbee Mae
Jerbee Mae

Jerbee Mae Cresencio Segura

A fashion guru who can style up a vast, varying clothing styles in different weather types and occasions. She came from a tailoring-enthusiast family and the reputation precedes her, so as the passion. Thus, she came up with a fashion shop with her bestfriend. Only, her time wasn’t enough to pursue her passion when simultaneously promoted as a supervisor in her career.

Team Leader Jerbee has a great love for dressing up. In fact, she has invested more than 40 quality collectibles (and counting!), which include numerous necklace and bracelets, jewelry chest, skirts, tops and demin coats. As expected, Jerbee loved how MarShie became an avenue to make good use of her not-so-old garments properly and magically turned them into a surprise cash!

Her business-mindedness came in second to donating her items. She also assists the CAPITALISTS when it comes to choosing the brand new apparels to exhibit in bazaars.


Kaycee Fullon

With her branded items, this 22-year-old hottie has everyone’s hobby of acquiring new items, only to find out that her clothespress is expanding in size and number. Her shopaholic-ness led her to investing in MarShie’s.

She is also a Sales Specialist of a wide variety of products.

Mrs. Felicisima “Kaka Fely” Perez-Santos

This 71-year old tailor-turned-businesswoman is simply a humanitarian. The CAPITALISTS actually thought of nominating her in the annual search for the “Happiest Pinoy”. She is an old woman in chronological age but young at heart and deeds! She used to be the main care-taker of the collectibles. Being mentioned her kindness, Kaka Fely has a big heart of helping people in need, in all means at any cost. She could be living solo in her house (having his husband and son deceased for more than decades now), but not in her life as she earned so much of a reputation, love and a well-known personality in their place for her kindheartedness and enthusiasm in helping out the needy.

She has initiated to “give” ALL her branded, brand new items she received from her sister, and instead invest those with us at very affordable prices, to HELP (once again). Her selfless love for everyone makes people radiate her love back to the society.

 Lian “Lei” Ragma Galanta

Being vertically challenged, this now-sexy Lei has shifted her life completely and has committed to say goodbye to her old set of closets. She invested quality items, mostly unused, all for the sake of donation, only to find out later that MarShie’s Collection will give her more than that. Being a recent investor, we warmly welcome her to join the investment life here at MarShie’s Collection .

Haven’t seen your name yet? You could be one of our investors now! Talk to us.

Facebook: MarShie’s Collection
Website: http://marshiescollection.weebly.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html

Style. Comfort. Income.

What we can get from you? The better question is “What’s in it for you?”

Those are the three big words that most investors are surprised about. Unbeknownst to many, investing in MarShie’s Collection is never been easy. You do NOT necessarily need a centavo to join. In fact, what you only need is to check your old closet and talk to us!

Joining MarShie’s Collection will open up your humanitarian heart as you speak to us. We earn by selling new and secondhand apparels and make donations in order to give away unsold items after a period of time agreed upon by the CAPITALISTS and the INVESTORS (see agreement/ contract).

What are you waiting for? Invest now!



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