BDJ Bellas gather for BDJ Rendezvous Woman with Vision

February 20, 2016 – It was a nice day and it couldn’t be any nicer as this is the most awaited day of BDJ Bellas whether rookies, benchwarmers, cheerleaders, captains, or MVPs. At the Activity Area of Gateway Mall, BDJ Bellas gather for BDJ Rendezvous Woman with Vision. The event is the first BDJ Rendezvous for this year with 4 informative talks by inspiring modern Filipinas.

BDJ Bellas gather for BDJ Rendezvous Woman with Vision
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By the start of the event, Lia Cruz, (TV host, magazine columnist, endorses and sportscaster) asked us to bring out our Belle De Jour Power Planners and look on to our Dream Board. That time she told us that by the end of the talks, we are to assess if our goals and dreams would still be our dreams, will it change or not?



Talk 1: Taking the Lead

“Dream, Create and Action”

Keynoted by Life Coach, publisher, organizer and artist Omehra Sigahne – Taking the Lead focused on letting a person discover the “light” to achieve dreams. She shared that vision has to do with dreams and if you want it [dreams] to come true, you have to follow these tips:

  1. take a leap
  2. do what lights you up inside
  3. be grateful
  4. embrace yourself
  5. come from love

Betwixt her talk she also imparted to us that we have to have theshine mentalityor being happy for others.

Life Coach, publisher, organizer and artist Omehra Sigahne
Life Coach, publisher, organizer and artist Omehra Sigahne

Talk 2: Harnessing your Power within

“Push to do something beyond your capabilities. Just Go.”

Have you travelled solo? Patricia “Rica” Yulo, author of the book The Third World Traveler: A Guide to Fulfilling Your Travel Dreams on a Shoestring Budget and the first Filipina documented to travel to Singapore without a single bag recounted her own insights on how traveling solo can enhance one’s full potential. Rica revealed stories about her travel experiences to different countries and how she was able to adapt to each countries’ culture. During the talk, I remembered my travel experiences a year ago; I had traveled solo while doing business trips on provinces here in the country. I must admit it scared me but it also made me discover a lot of my potentials on embracing diversity.

Patricia “Rica” Yulo, author of the book The Third World Traveler: A Guide to Fulfilling Your Travel Dreams on a Shoestring Budget

Here are few travel tips Rica also shared to us:

  1. Dress appropriately – there are countries which are conservative and does not allow wearing revealing clothes.
  2. Don’t stare at the opposite sex – Rica stated that there are countries which locals interpret staring at them as a sign that you are interested to them or you like them.
  3. Avoid solo night trips – be safe!
  4. Tell your family where you are – provide your location -hotel name, address and contact number, how long would you be staying so they’ll know how to contact you if anything bad happens.

Talk 3: The Challenge that Saves

“Money is a terrible master. Be the master and money will be a terrific servant.”

Lianne Martha Laroya a Financial Planner and Book Author

Me and my boyfriend’s goal for this year is to save (combined savings) at least P35,000 to P40,000. We are planning to franchise a food cart. Talk 3 encouraged me more to achieve this goal. Lianne Martha Laroya, Financial Planner and Book Author emphasized that consistency is the key in money management and always. I have learned in this talk the 5 I’s of saving.

  1. Itemize – save for S.E.L.F.I.E or Security, Enjoyment, Livelihood, Fix expenses, Insurances and Education
  2. Idenitify your own “millionare meaning” – set target amount and deadline
  3. Increase your income – get a part time job (if you can) or aim promotion
  4. Insure – invest for emergency fund.
  5. Invest for retirement – who doesn’t want being at peace and not worrying of money when you retire?

Talk 4: Winning Approach in Life

“Always put whys”

Cecilia Schrijver Filipino Dutch and Certified Life Coach

In my opinion, work life and personal life should be well balanced. Filipino Dutch and Certified Life Coach Cecilia Schrijver taught us how to live a full life. According to her, to everything we do, we always have to “put whys” to be able to motivate ourselves. She added to always celebrate life and left us with the statement – “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is to celebrate.”

Aside from the talks, there are also games sponsored by the brand partners to which Bellas participated. Here are some of the photos during the event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bellas also went home with freebies and goodies from the raffle. Raffle prizes came from Goody, The Body Shop, sm Parisian, Sharpie, Keds and more. I got a little sad for I was not called even though they said that all of the attendees will be called on the raffle. I felt like it’s unfair so I asked the BDJ staff and they gave me the items below.


This BDJ Rendezvous is about letting bellas have a clear vision of dreams and goals even if there are other things thrown above and beyond unto throughout the year. My dreams are still my dreams as you have seen on my dream board and I am very positive that I will achieve it. How about you? Do you have a clear perception of your goals?

Update: This article is one of the winners of BDJ’s Woman with Vision Post Blog Writing Contest

24 thoughts on “BDJ Bellas gather for BDJ Rendezvous Woman with Vision

  1. Roselle Carlos-Toledo says:

    My goal this year is to have a writing job. I was at the brink of being disheartened when January was about to end and haven’t found a freelance work yet. And when I was about to give up on the idea, I was offered a writing job!


  2. Nurse Alpha says:

    Thank you for sharing this Loraine. Truly informative post and I learned a lot from it. Especially in the income part. Five years from now I’ll be turning 30 and I should save up for my future. Like what the old saying states, big things have small beginnings 🙂


    1. aika loraine says:

      Yes you shold. Now that i am turning 26 and has plans (with my bf) on marrying, ang hirap. Parang dapat makaipon agad ng ganitong amount. I just realized that saving should start by 20’s talaga. Thank you for appreciating the post! 🙂


  3. Louise says:

    Aww! Lucky you! I wanted to attend this event as I know this will be a very inspiring event for us, women. I love the concept of SELFIE 🙂 Thank you for sharing this to us Aika. Even if we did not get to attend this, we are learning something and we are also motivated. 🙂


  4. bluedreamer27 says:

    I might be a guy but I would love to be part of this event and listen to the speaker’s inspiring speeches. I love those things you have learned from Lianne Martha Laroya.. I find the SELFIE mnemonic really cool
    thanks for sharin
    I hope you had a blast from this event


  5. Sonnie says:

    Whoever put thought this event did a good job! Having organized learning events and a speaker myself, the concept is good- putting powerhouse lady speakers to inspire women. Value adding indeed..


  6. Bennie Faron says:

    Planning is similar to organizing your life so I felt the need to have a planner. In this digital age, maybe it sounds corny to some but, I still stick to the old and traditional way of jotting down all my ploys and all. I have had some planners before but I haven’t used them that much. You know, 


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