Pretty Planners and the Anatomy of 2016 Kikki.K Medium Cute Time Planner

Pretty Planners and the Anatomy of 2016 Kikki.K Medium Cute Time Planner

Whenever there are company events, blog events, product launch or parties which host raffles – I never get called. That’s a sad fact, yeah? I just have to console myself by thinking that sometimes I win on blog writing contests. The saying is right. “You can never have it all!

For some of the readers who know me and follows me on Instagram and on my Facebook Page, I bet you have been seeing my posts about my Belle De Jour Power Planner. I love designing my planner -I take it as a hobby and a craft I am passionate about. I use stamps, washi/decorative tapes, designer paper, stickers and quotes using my own hand lettering. Last year, I joined a Facebook group of planner enthusiasts – The Planner Community of the Philippines. There, I knew that there are a lot of people who enjoy designing their planners, too. I also got introduced to online craft and planner shops which I can get supplies for my hobby.

PIN ME! | fall wreaths by Angie Makes

Anyway, there are a number of giveaways sponsored by these online craft shops. They have some cool pakulo and mechanics (not the lottery or random picking raffles). This is the time I join such giveaways. Hahaha. Don’t have luck with lotteries or bunutan, eh! Fast forward, I joined Ms. Annie’s Birthday Giveaway. How they choose the winner is just simple, we just have to answer the question: Why are you passionate about the use of stylish planners?


Who is Pretty Planners?

Pretty Planners is owned by Ms. Annie Vitug Gallemit, a Filipina who’s based in Australia. Her partner here in the Philippines  is Ms. Iann Casasiempre who arranges all the orders and shipping while Ms. Annie does the shopping.

Pretty Planners and the Anatomy of 2016 Kikki.K Medium Cute Time Planner
Pretty Planners Instagram and Facebook Official Logo

Basically, Ms. Annie and Ms. Iann are personal shoppers branded by their name [Pretty Planners]. They have a handful of different designs and sizes of Kikki.K Time Planners, Diaries and accessories always cross-posted on Instagram and Facebook. They ship items express after their set cut off for the payments of orders.

So, without further ado, I would like to tell you that I won on their giveaway! Yoooooooooohhhhhhhhoooooo! Finally, I’m a lucky girl!


The 2016 Kikki.K Medium Cute Time Planner

The 2016 Kikki.K Medium Cute Time Planner is just one of the many in the line of planners of Kikki.K. “Kikki.K” is a fast growing fashion stationery label which has boutiques at Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and HongKong plus an online web shop. It is owned by Kristina Karlsson who used her nick name “Kikki” and last name’s initial as the brand’s name.

A planner with lovely designs, fabric cover and pretty colours
A planner with lovely designs, fabric cover and pretty colours

This is my first time to have a Kikki.K planner and after I saw it, I can say it really looks so gorgeous. That’s the reason I joined the giveaway. For now, I am still afraid to bring it with me outside as it looks vulnerable because of the fabric cloth texture but what’s really good with it is it is a binder. I can use it even by next year! I just have to change the fills.


My prize is not just the planner, it also includes accessories. (Thank you so much Pretty Planners!) According to Ms. Annie, accessories for planners are sold separately. The accessories I got are specially designed for the Medium Cute but anyone can mix and match, though. I am so excited to use the paper tapes and gel pens!


  1. Printed Paper Tape 4PK Cute 2016
  2. Slim Gel Pen 5PK
  3. Planner Dashboard Kit Medium Cute 2016
  4. Soft Stickers 2PK Cute 2016
  5. Bulldog Clips 3PK Cute 2016
  6. Adhesive Note Set Cute 2016

*mouse over to view captions

The Anatomy

The one I got is in medium size (185mm x 140 mm). It has a stud closure and as you open it, you will see the front pockets for variety of use and the pen loop as well. The pockets are used by planner enthusiasts for notepads, clips and cards. Divider tabs are included to separate the agenda pages including the yearly, monthly and weekly pages. I loved that the Birthdays and Anniversaries pages are separated from the agenda pages. Come on, you know it’s hard to track birthdays and annivs by browsing every agenda page, right? Another feature I am sure I am gonna use always are the Shops and Restaurants pages. It will be perfect for tracking where to’s for my food blogs. Addresses, To Do Lists, Notepads and Expenses are heaven bonuses.

*mouse over to view captions

What’s the plan?

I have my BDJ Planner and I think I am gonna use it now as my work and on-the-go-planner. I’ll use my 2016 Cute Planner mostly for tracking my deadline for blog posts especially the food blogs starting now. Tracker for birthdays and events will mostly be used here. This planner will also make me do what I have been dying to do before – printing and making my own dividers! Also, it wouldn’t be a bother for me next year on what planner to buy, I just have to print fills and replace the old ones. Well, what’s better is I can personalize the fills!

I am in awe with this lovely planner! You basically have almost everything in one bundle, plus it is super handy! I am so thankful of being blessed to win this. Do you like it as much as I do?

Tip: The Kikki.K Medium Cute Time Planner is still available for purchase at Pretty Planners. It is on sale and bundled with a Dashboard Kit for only P1,700. It’s not too late to have a planner, ladies!

Happy Birthday, Ms. Annie!

Let Pretty Planners be your Kikki-K Planner & Accessory Personal Shopper. Check out the gorgeous items on their social media handles.

Facebook Page: Pretty Planners

Instagram: pretty.planners

Place your own order through:


📱 🇵🇭 09182541080 🇦🇺+61416002151

compare Kikki.K Medium Cute Planner to Belle De Jour Power Planner. Click here to check my separate review.

***Although I won on the giveaway, this blog review about the planner and me promoting Pretty Planners are solely my decision.***


28 thoughts on “Pretty Planners and the Anatomy of 2016 Kikki.K Medium Cute Time Planner

  1. ROBERT LEE says:

    That looks like a nice planner for bloggers. 🙂 I personally prefer larger ones cause I need to take down lots of notes too especially during our trainings and seminars.


  2. Vianna says:

    Congratulations on winning! I joined on some planner giveaway too last January but luck was not on my side, instead a DIY a planner myself. I wish I can a cute planner like that too!


  3. bluedreamer27 says:

    congratulations for winning ! those planners look really cute.. I got one but mine is just a simple one.. I joined some planner giveaways last month but the results wee not announced yet.. I’m crossing my fingers that I will win at least one of their travel planners ^_^


  4. Mommy Queenelizabeth says:

    Awww! Those were cute! I used to hoard planners before but since i had kids i nver had the interest to collect those kinds except for one in a year to record my expenses and other things. My kids took my colorful planners and doodled on it, every page!


  5. Melissa says:

    Omg! I’m a bit tired of the mainstream planners and would really love to have something like this. It’s a bit pricy but it looks really nice. 🙂

    Congrats on finally winning a giveaway too!


  6. Ann Balisbis says:

    These planners are so delightful to the eyes. But for me, personally, I’m not so keen in buying planners because if they’re in my hands, they will no longer serve their purpose. haha Whenever I buy a planner, I will just put it in a shelf or cabinet because it’s too pretty that I don’t wanna write or doodle on it. haha But what you have here are great options. 🙂


  7. Madz says:

    This looks super cute! Congratulations! I really like it but it’s out of my budget. I didn’t know such a FB group exist. Will tell my friend who loves planners to join too.


  8. Sonnie says:

    Planners nowadays are not just planners. It has evolved into something more than its purpose.

    What I look for in planners is simple lot of free pages (w/o) lines so I can be free to write or draw ideas when needed.


  9. Tawanna says:

    I have been surfing on-line greater than three hours nowadays, but
    I by no means found any interesting article like yours.

    It is lovely worth enough for me. In my opinion.


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