Para Sayo Juan ang Adobo ni Mariang Hindi mo Inakala

Para Sayo Juan ang Adobo ni Mariang Hindi mo Inakala
Para Sayo Juan ang Adobo ni Mariang Hindi mo Inakala

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Adobo is a known staple food here in the country. Whether pork or chicken is used, nobody can go wrong with it. Maybe except me? I am having a hard time balancing the taste of vinegar, sugar and soy sauce. Ang hirap i-balanse eh, parang pag-balanse lang ng puso at isip pagdating sa pag-ibig…. Oooopppsss!

I love Chicken Adobo. I most especially love the wing part! Anyway, I have said the sad truth; I never (until this moment) have perfected the traditional Adobo recipe. But now, thanks to my mama who thought me this new way of cooking chicken which would taste just like our typical Adobo. You would never think it’s possible! Katulad nang pag-ibig nating hindi natin naisip na magtatagal ng ganito… <wink>


What you’ll need

Cooking Oil

Magnolia Whole Chicken




Black Pepper

Salt or Seasoning Granules

Lemon (half)


Trivia: Magnolia Chicken together with Purefoods Supermanok leads the poultry market being the brands of choice among major food service outlets as well as in supermarkets and wet markets.


Simple lang ang mga kailangan para sa recipe na ito, but even the simplest things can make something better. Hindi ko sinukat. Lahat nang mga sangkap ay sakto lang. Dahil sa tingin ko, ang pagluluto ay isang pag-ibig na minsan hindi na kailangan ng kahit anong sukat. Ehem… Let’s start!


Cooking Directions

1. Heat pan with enough oil. Siguraduhin mong tama lang ang dami dahil ang bagay na di nasimulan nang tama ay parang pag-ibig na hindi nagiging matagumpay.

2. Igisa ang sibuyas kasunod ay bawang hanggang sa maging golden brown ang kulay.


3. Add up the chopped Magnolia Whole Chicken. Igisa kasama ng sibuyas at bawang hanggang ang lahat nang ito’y kumapit sa manok. Tila ito ay ang mga palad kong unti unting yumayakap din sa nangungulilang mga palad mo.


4. Season with pepper and granules/salt, stir then simmer chicken until golden brown. Hayaan mo lang maluto na parang pag-ibig na unti-unting sumisibol.


5. Kapag luto na ang manok, ilagay na ang soda at saka haluin. Yep. Soda. I bet you didn’t saw it coming, huh? Just like our love that went all challenges… Kinaya ang lahat at kakayanin ang iba pa.


6. Cover the pan again and let the chicken absorb the soda. Hayaan at tuluyang panuotin. Tuluyang ramdamin na hindi ito kahibangan. Ngunit,  isang sumibol na damdamin matapos arugain nang matagal na panahon.


7. Squeeze lemon juice when it’s all cooked. Haluin upang lalong manuot ang lasa ng bawang, sibuyas, soda at lemon. Pagsama-samahin na alalahanin ang masasayang sandali. Yakapin ang lahat nang mga dumaang maligayang pangyayari.

IMG_9874I tried doing this recipe one day when I was at my boyfriend’s house having some kind of staycation with his family. His siblings are there but her mom and dad went out to do something. We were given only 200 pesos to make a meal that can be shared by 6 people. I immediately texted my mama and asked for the recipe. After that, we quickly bought ingredients including Magnolia Whole Chicken. Magnolia Chicken is one of it and is guaranteed to be fresh. Oh well, no doubt! It’s very obvious when we bought the chicken. My Mama always tell me San Miguel Pure Foods Company’s products are the one to be trusted. I have lived with it since I was kid. I can even remember being so in love with Tender Juicy Hotdog back then! What I like most about SMPFC products is that it has a wide range of products including dairy, fresh and processed meats, coffee and a lot more. Whatever I need, they have it.

Going back, ngayong luto na, maaring maglagay pa ng dagdag na bawang at ibudbod sa lutuing ito na hindi mo inakalang adobo. I-serve na may kasamang pagmamahal. Tiyak na Masarap, Masustansya at Kayang Kaya!


Head on to the supermarket and try doing this simple and easy recipe. Hope you would really try this. Subukan mo… Tulad nang pag-ibig na noong una ay bago para sa akin ngunit tinanggap ko at ngayon ay wala akong pagsisisi.

Bakit kay Juan at Maria ko ipinangalan ang recipe na ito?

Ang pangalan nang aking sinta ay Juan Miguel at iniluto ko ang recipe na ito para sa kanya. Hindi Maria ang aking ngalan, ngunit ako lang ang nagiisa niyang “Maria.”





21 thoughts on “Para Sayo Juan ang Adobo ni Mariang Hindi mo Inakala

  1. ROBERT LEE says:

    Looks delicious! It’s the first food I learned to cook. I love adobo wings, so here’s how I do mine.

    8 pieces of chicken wings.

    I put slightly under 1/4 cup vinegar and toyo. I add 1/4 cup water, add chopped garlic, throw in two or three pieces laurel leaves.

    Put everything together and cover. Bring to boil and then maintain low heat. After 20 minutes, flip. So I do this until the sauce is really few then I add small amount of sesame oil, let all the sauce evaporate, turn the stove off.

    Sit down, eat!


  2. Maaya Legaspi says:

    Very witty post! haha. For someone like me who doesn’t really cook, this is a good start as it looks really easy to cook. Hopefully I can cook it well. haha. Also, I never thought lemon can be squeezed in adobo. another something i need to try. 🙂


  3. Arrianne Guzman says:

    Adobo is our signature dish. It’s one of the dishes I’ll recommend to foreign visitors. I would love to learn how to cook and you just inspired me with this post – you make cooking look so easy 🙂 With that said, I’ll definitely have Adobo as my first dish to try to cook.


  4. Kati Balayan says:

    I love adobo though like you I can never cook it with just the right balance of toyo and suka. I read somewhere that don’t cover the dish after adding the vinegar, you need to let it evaporate or something. Haha, not really sure. As you can see, I suck at cooking. 😀


  5. Nina Sogue says:

    Wow, adobo with soda. Was there a difference in taste compared to the usual adobo?

    I have attempted making adobo several times before – I always fail. I can’t seem to balance everything too! I also consulted my mom who gave me her own recipe. It worked well for me last time. I guess mother knows best nga 🙂


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