Do It Yourself Picture Frame Greeting Card

Do It Yourself Picture Frame Greeting Card

It was a usual day. I came from a store to buy my craft supplies from Deco Art. I have more stickers, sticky notes and washi tapes to add on my collection. It was too hot so I chose to go inside Fairview Center Mall and buy a soda. I remember I used to go here when I was in high school (of couse, after school hours). I passed by Tronix which I believe students prefer if they want to print photos. Well, of course, I also used to for photo printing services. Had a good idea then of printing some of me and my boyfriend’s photos which are stored on my phone. Also, in an instant, I thought of doing a DIY gift for him. It’s our 63rd monthsary the next day. Cheesy ba? We still celebrate monthsaries. ❤

When we were in college, I used to give him cards and scrapbooks containing our photos. He loves it whenever I gave him one. When we started working, I stopped doing and giving him these gifts like these. Maybe, because of lack of time. [excuses…]



3D Stickers

Designer Paper





and other things you need for designing

Do It Yourself Picture Frame Greeting Card

Lay the photo on a paper and glue it.

*this photo is a commissioned artwork of Rob Cham, a Filipino illustrator and comic artist. It’s a caricature of my boyfriend who happens to be the drummer of Persephone*

Trace the photo on a designer paper to come up with the frame. I used a designer paper with a G-Clef design. You can use any design you want. For my project, I used musical notes because my boyfriend is a musician.

Glue or paste the photo on a bigger blank canvass. Put the frame on top of it then trace the outer frame.

I just bought a new sticky notes with musical note designs. I thought of cutting those. You may choose other designs you want.

I wrote my greeting here and attached this at the back of the card.

Put some more designs you wished to use on designing your Picture Frame Greeting Card.

Here’s my DIY Picture Frame Greeting Card. So happy to have given my boyfriend a gift which I did myself.

*more DIY items soon!*


16 thoughts on “Do It Yourself Picture Frame Greeting Card

  1. Neri Ann says:

    Wow super cute and super easy! Plus its super affordable! I can definitely make one or have something on our wall too! Happy monthsary to the both of you!


  2. Karmela Mirriam Ebreo says:

    I love DIYs too! This is a great gift idea. It’s very simple and easy to do. Another thing that makes it fantastic is that we can always give it to anyone be it a mom, dad, grandparent, or best friend. Thanks for sharing this, Aika! 🙂


  3. Johna says:

    Awesome! I love crafts too! Most of the cards I give to peoplenare home made hehe I think it adds that special touch. I’m sure you’ll boyfriend will love it!


  4. Stella @ Travelerette says:

    That’s such a cute picture frame. And how nice that you and your boyfriend still give presents every month. I’m not very crafty but I want to start making things to brighten up my home. This seems like a good place to start!


  5. Alison says:

    You are so cute to celebrate your anniversary each month! I love that! And you are so crafty! These are darling and I think I could even make it! I hope your boyfriend loves it!


  6. ROBERT LEE says:

    Little things that comes with big thoughts, made bigger because you made it yourself. 🙂 Great job and yes, they look amazing and super cute. Greeting cards that comes with a lot of heart (effort kasi eh).


  7. Georgia says:

    Love this, what a inexpensive way to make frames for prints or photos! Your calligraphy is gorgeous by the way, my Nan is very good at this too and I want to learn. This is a super cute way to give someone a card and it’s really personal too which I love! You’ve given me a great idea for Father’s Day this year!


  8. Chhavi says:

    I suck at DIYs in general but this looks super fun and easy to make. It also makes a very good personalised gift. You should have more posts with easy DIYs


  9. Zaria Papa says:

    Hi Aika,

    I love handmade gifts! Your frame looks so easy to make but unfortunately I am not good with calligraphy. So I just have to find another way to write on the card. I am sure that your boyfriend loved the card! Bookmarking this DIY for future use. Thank you!



  10. Xavier B says:

    We started a scrapbook with my girlfriend and I’m becoming more creative with my hands now. I think your DIY greeting card is awesome, I really like it. I’ll certainly use your tips to create one for my girlfriend as well for a gift. And I guess it will end up in the scrapbook Haha. Thank you for the idea !


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