Make your planner stories beautiful with Bella Storia MNL

Make your planner stories beautiful with Bella Storia MNL

[UPDATE] Bella Storia MNL changed her brand name to Papermela

My followers and frequent readers already know how I am so inclined with Creative Planning. I design my planner and makes me enjoy planning tasks ahead of the week. One thing I never forget to use are stickers. I go crazy over them whenever I see new designs from my favorite craft supplies store.

Just recently, I received sets of stickers and clips from Papermela (formelly, Bella Storia MNL). Papermela is an online (instagram and facebook) and etsy store. The owner/designer Domina Carmela started her business October 2013 under the label Hacked Craft. She later on closed due to priorities but reopened 14th March of this year and renamed her store to Papermela. This shop now has collections of Chibi and Kawaii emoji stickers, paper clips, planner kit bundle and sticky notes.

Papermela’s official logo from their Facebook Page


Make your planner stories beautiful with Bella Storia MNL


Why I love the Kawaii Emoji Stickers

I am so excited to show you the beautiful kawaii stickers from this shop. I got the camera kawaii, shopping bag kawaii and laundry cleaning kawaii set. Here are reasons why I love them!

1. It Has an Effective Packaging

The stickersΒ are sealed in a zip lock packaging inside a small brown envelope. This way, you are sure that even if the envelope gets wet, your stickers are safe.

2. These are the Stickers a Planner Enthusiast Needs

As a planner enthusiast, I prefer stuff that are related to planning. Papermela has most of everything you will be needing. For students, you can buy their tuition fee kawaii to remind you that you need to pay for your tuition fee already. For happy go lucky people, if you plan to have some me time – there is a shopping bag, pop corn, donut, coffee and green tea kawaii sets. You can also remind yourself when to pay dues as you can put your car bills, water bills and rent payment kawaii sets on your respective planners.

shopping kawaii emoji sticker to remind me that I need to buy a gift for mother’s day.
Β 3.Β Great Print Quality

I printed my own stickers before but didn’t get the correct colour that resembles the image itself. I used a glossy sticker paper back then and some get smudged. The stickers I received are printed in matte sticker paper. The images are not blurred nor have spots. No smudges at all too. Surely, inks used are for high quality printing.


I also like the idea of using matte sticker paper. Matte is somehow near to the texture of an “oslo” paper. It makes the sticker look like not a sticker. Hahaha. I hope you get what I mean. It’s like it is printed or drawn on the paper of the planner spread itself. Plus, if you decide to have the planner sticker bundle, you will be able to write on the checklists and the weekly box sticker.

4. Easy to Peel and Perfectly Cut

I really had to compare these stickers to the flags and box edges design sticker I just recently baught. It’s hard to peel off and the edges are tearing. Very disappointing. Papermela’s not. The spaces between the stickers are in proportion that I think it’s the reason why each was cut evenly resulting to easy peeling.

So I said it’s perfectly cut. Why? Because there isn’t any part of the image that’s wrongly cut. I stalked the shop’s Instagram Account and saw the crafty owner/creator uses a Cricut Explore Air. To how that machine is being programmed to cut the stickers, I don’t know. I just believe Domina and the machine are bestfriends. Hahahaha!


Now let’s have a look on the clips.

Why I adore the clips


I orded two clips from their Etsy Shop. One is the Floral Dress Paper Clip and the other is the Vintage Floral Shoulder Bag. I always want things with a touch of pink. Bet it’s super obvious with the clips!

Clips are crafted by no less the owner of course. It’s a little embossed because there is a canvass underneath the die cuts. The whole dress and the vintage bag was smeared with a clear glue to make sure the die cuts are intact with the canvass and to keep the color from fading.

I attached the Floral Dress Clip on my Kikki.K Planner Dashboard. The Vintage Floral Shoulder Bag makes me easier to go to this week’s spread.


Overall, I am impresses with all that I received from that little brown envelope. I suggest you checking Papermela’s etsy and online shops now and see how Domina’s designs and craft products can make your planners and simple journals beautiful. Trust me. You’ll never regret. The girl’s crafting since childhood. πŸ™‚


So that’s it! I am so happy I have shared again some thoughts about my planner obsession. Oooppps. It’s a hobby. Hahaha


If you love Bella Storia MNL now, check out the shop on the links below!

Etsy Store:

Instagram Online Shop:


Estimated shipping times

Philippines: 3-10 business days
North America: 7-15 business days
Europe: 7-15 business days
Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 7-15 business days
Asia Pacific: 5-10 business days
Latin America and the Caribbean: 10-18 business days
North Africa and the Middle East: 10-18 business days
Sub-Saharan Africa: 10-18 business days

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Hello, planner girls! Get 20% discount anytime, any day for your purchase on Bella Storia MNL. Be it stickers, adhesive notes, clips or planner kit or combo! Use my code AIKA20 to get instant 20% discount. *minimum 500 total purchase* Visit @bellastoriamnl etsy shop now =>

43 thoughts on “Make your planner stories beautiful with Bella Storia MNL

  1. Nina Sogue says:

    Oh my, I was just looking for a place to buy my stickers! I’m a recent convert into creative planning when I received a very cute journal from another store. I have to keep my addiction in check, but this is a good option πŸ™‚


  2. ROBERT LEE says:

    I have to say that I use a planner, pero basic lang. On the other hand, there are so many things you can do to make a planner look nice and fun activity, such as crafts… it actually works for some people, the fun part of filling up a planner.


    1. Sabine says:

      Yes it’s more something to do right Robert? Making it looks nice and doing your best. It’s almost like art. I understand however that men could prefer the basic type of planner without stickers and all that :)))


  3. Me-An Clemente says:

    This planner is screaming cute all over. I’m pretty sure the teenage me would totally love this, but the current me won’t. I prefer something basic and professional looking this days. I hope people who are into crafts and cute planners will find your blog and will know about Bella Storia MNL. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


  4. Berlin says:

    These are all cute! I would love to have one as well. I bet i would buy stickers and colorful pen. I used to have that kind of planner when i was younger. But now that im staying at home, it seems my fun side faded with it.


  5. Pie Tan says:

    your planner is cute and so kikay! I remember when i was in elementary and high school, i also love designing my notebooks, haha! i even spend my allowance in stickers and stationaries.

    For my travel things, i might start to make myself a personalized (by me) planner now.


  6. Louisa says:

    I was so into these things when I was much much younger. I loved the cuteness, functionality and style of these kinds of crafts. None of my kids seem to have gotten this side of me. Though my daughter loves anything mint green so that’s a start!


  7. Zwitsy says:

    It’s soooo cute!! I remember a friend who really loves collecting stickers and stationary way back then. I haven’t seen her but I just hope that she still manages to collect just like you! How I wish I am also that type of person but hectic schedule doesn’t give way. 😦 But if ever, I would really love to have one in the future, eventually.


  8. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy says:

    I used to be so maarte with my planner, adding photos and drawings and stickers pa haha. I was not able to maintain the habit though until I forgot about it altogether. It’s nice to know that there are shops that cater to such art.


  9. jared's mum says:

    I am in an on-and-off relationship with my planner and I just wish I can be a tad creative in filling each of the dates creatively. These kawaii stuff will surely get me into planning again. Checking their shop now and hoping to make a purchase real soon. My planner is in dire need of cute and lovely stuff in it. It is time to breathe more life into it! Thanks for sharing this!


  10. Kati Balayan says:

    So cute! Kudos to you for very meticulous with your hobby. I used to collect stickers and what nots for my planner as well but I rarely used them since I felt they were to cute haha! I cannot get myself to open them πŸ˜€


  11. Tesle Telan says:

    This is too cute! I think the kawaii planners really fits me and my style. I am very girl and I like pink and colorful stuff. πŸ™‚ This is such a cute planner! I’d love to get one for me too!


  12. alison says:

    I can tell why you are obsessed with planners! I am starting to become too! I haven’t had one for years that I keep with me but I love these! Those stickers are so darn cute, too!


  13. Stella the Travelerette says:

    I’ve never heard of creative planning. I should look into it! I always want to be more organized. I do think those little shopping bag stickers are adorable though. And I love that dress pin because I love vintage dresses!


  14. Arrianne Guzman says:

    Glad to meet you at the Marikina Book Museum tour, Aika! I still remember how impressed I am when I personally saw your planner. Really creative! And oh, the stickers from Bella Storia MNL are really gorgeous πŸ™‚


  15. Sam says:

    Creative planning! First time I heard of that. I’m not into planners because it can’t keep up with my life. I only occasionally make to-do lists. But this one is a good avenue to unleash creativity


  16. Domina of Bella Storia MNL says:

    I cannot thank everyone – one by one but… really, thank you! It melts me that you found my crafts really pretty. If you guys love to buy stuff I have coupon codes for you. Just ask Aika or visit my shop and instagram – @bellastoriamnl

    x Domina


  17. Marie Frances says:

    Aaahhhhh, they’re so cute!!! I’m also *obsessed* with planning and these cute stickers can finally solve the frustrating problem of having to get my diaries/planners look cute YET still organized.


  18. Sonnie says:

    You’re really attached to your planner, and taking the time to really make it perfectly beautiful. I treat my planer as, oh well, a planner, haha. It’s so plain unlike yours that is pleasing to the eyes.


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