The Art of Creative Planning

The Art of Creative Planning

We are now in the technology era. In this age, as we may all notice, a lot of things can be squeezed into your mobile phones or tablets. Calendars, tasks, memos and reminders apps are very much useful as it can all be opened and synced on these smaller devices. But in this digital world, there still has been a blossoming community of people who have found love again on using the “old school” planners and journals. And this is not just the simple use of it. Owners are incorporating it with art as what we call it today as creative planning.

The Art of Creative Planning
The Art of Creative Planning

The Art of Creative Planning

To start with, planners and journals are commonly being used to organize and keep track on plans. What not’s, to finish, to blog, to read and other to do’s are things planner owners would usually put on it. With arts and crafts tools come creative planning. Creative Planning is decorating planners while not losing its functionality.

On Instagram, you would usually see wildly used hashtags like #PlannerCommunity, #PlannerEnthusiast #PlannerGirl, #PlannerJunkie and more. These Instagram users are those who are in to this bandwagon. I have lived to think that the “bandwagon” word connotes negativity. It’s like you just want to jump in because it’s cool. Well, the planner bandwagon isn’t. It’s positive. It is worth a hobby to jump in.

The start…

I started doing this early last year. I am a scrapbooker. One time, I am filling my Belle De Jour Power Planner with magazine cut outs and stickers when I decided why not I do that for the rest of the planner’s pages. I looked for inspirations and to my surprised; this hobby has been going for quite a while already.

How do you do it?
Me having a planning session at Amo Yamie Crib
Me having a planning session at Amo Yamie Crib

Maybe you are asking what are the supplies planner junkies use to decorate their planners. How can someone call it creative planning? To start off, what are the [brand] planners that we have.? In my case, I have a BDJ Planner which I have been buying annually for 3 years already; I also have a Kikki.K Medium Cute Planner which I won from Pretty Planners Birthday Giveaway and a red generic journal I personally bought for 200 bucks at a local bookstore. I know for a reader who is not into this hobby would somehow raise their eyebrows and ask, “what’s the need to have more than 1 planner?” Let’s just look on my case. As a blogger, a specialist and a part time businesswoman, I need more than 1 planner to be sure everything gets done. Here’s how I use them. (NOTE: I am not suggesting to get more than 1 planner and journal. This is just how I want to be organized.)

  1. BDJ Planner – tracking orders on my retail business, work related stuff, bills and expenses
  2. Kikki.K – blog events to attend, birthdays (using the birthday inserts), lists of restaurants to visit (using Kikki.k’s Shops and Restaurants inserts), to blog, to do’s.
  3. Generic Journal – as this is a journal, this is where I write my article/blog drafts.

There’s also a lot more brands of planners and journals in the market. Among the common planners my fellow planner enthusiasts use are Titta Witty Planner, Filofox FauxDori/Midori Travelers Notebook, Webster Pages, Happy Planner, Erin Condren, Hobonichi and Love Doki.

dashboard/dividers made by @crafty.cathy’s | DIY planner dashboard for her Kikki.K Mint Planner.


Traveler’s Notebook/Journal Kath (@Kikaykraftrina) bought from @notedjournalph

My usual supplies are washi/paper tapes, stickers, adhesive notes, colored pens and calligraphy pens. To date, I am recently getting addicted to stamps and planner clips.

Newest addition to my craft supplies collection ☺️💞
Newest addition to my craft supplies collection ☺️💞

I have recently asked my fellow planner enthusiasts what supply they usually use and here’s what I got.

  1. Washi Tapes
  2. Stickers
  3. Stamps
  4. Deco Paper
  5. Doodle drawings
  6. Printable Designs from Pinterest
  7. Adhesive Notes
  8. Cut outs
  9. Colored Pens/Calligraphy Pens
  10. Doilies
Planner Supplies
Planner Supplies of momi thinz | Instagram: momithinz0131
Jennie Li (spic3_soda) obvious love for clear stamps. 😍

I asked my fellow planner girls on how they got inspired to be engaged to the hobby of decorating planners and the common reason is the love for cute stuff, scrap books and stationery. Some got inspired too when they saw their friends and relatives happily doing this hobby. Others started doing it when they saw random videos on YouTube and, simply because they just love writing, scribbling and crafting.

Ever since I was in high school, I’ve been always a collector of journals and stationery… I’ve seen a lot of ladies posting a picture of their planner layouts, I found it very.. Umm.. I can’t explain. Then I decided to buy a planner from Typo, and [eventually] created an IG account dedicated only to this hobby. 

-Zuellen | @plannerxnerd


Why design?

For me, I design my planner because it makes everything personalized. I love looking at it especially that I know I did it by myself. Colors make my day lively. Especially bright colors. When you look at my planner, it will suggest to you a specific theme.

planner friends’ reason(s)

It helps me squeeze my creative juices on designing.

– Anne

Because I love being functional and creative at the same time.

– Zuellene

Nakakarelax nakakatuwa masaya tingnan.

– Kath

It is more motivating to use when it is aesthetically beautiful.

– Erris

And how do these planners look like after designing? Here are some of it.

How neat and lovely staring at craftingmeow’s planner week spread. 😍
my layout for this week. focused on orange and light shades. ♥
And then, there's @acrodil's beautiful floral week spread. 🌸
And then, there’s @acrodil’s beautiful floral week spread. 🌸
Being organized and creative combined

Creative Planning is a good way to show creativity. You get to enjoy scheduling your tasks ahead because you also enjoy designing and decorating. When people see my planner, I would usually hear comments like – “I used to do scrapbooking/designing before when I was young” or “I was too busy I don’t have time. ” We must admit that career women/men [of course! Creative planning is not just for girls] and parents are busy people. I am too. But that’s why a planner is needed. It will keep you on track so you will know which task(s) should be prioritized or not. I like scrapbooking/designing too when I was young. The time I missed doing scrapbooking a lot is the time I decided – why not incorporate it while planning? That way, I was able to rekindle my love for crafts.

Take a look too at this hobby and find the additional joy planner enthusiasts feel. Be organized and creative at the same time.  ♥

Happy Planning!

💃🏼Thank you so much to my planner sissies who helped me out gathering facts and info for this blog post. 💃🏼

Jam Aledo, Karen, momi thinz, Haniel, Anne, Joy Roldan, Zuellene, Kathm Erin, Catherine, Aya, Jelly, Janica, Jennie and Erris

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55 thoughts on “The Art of Creative Planning

  1. PATRICIA A Paterno says:

    I love working on my planner when it’s filled with interesting tidbits. I like cutting out quotations from magazine articles, doodling, writing down notes from talks or Youtube videos, pasting small pictures of the family, etc. I used to throw away my planner after the year is over, but not anymore!!!


  2. Bia says:

    I have been a user of planner since then. I love using colored pens on my planner. Thank you for inspiring me to do creative planning. Will try on adding stickers on it 😉


  3. Jimmy says:

    It is appropriate time to make some plans for the
    long run and it is time to be happy. I’ve learn this post and
    if I could I want to recommend you few interesting issues
    or tips. Maybe you can write next articles regarding
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  4. Mikee says:

    I also do that on my journals and planners. I used to get pretty cutouts from the net and buy cute little thing for scrapbooking and start designing. I think organizing and creativity comes hand in hand.


  5. Ramee Sareno says:

    This is nice. I still smile to see people using and carrying journals and planners with them. I respect classic old school thinkers that way, though I have never used one.

    Seems everything is in a digital form now in a 5’x5′ device.


  6. Joie Gahum says:

    I love journals and I must admit that if there is one thing I am addicted to, it would be beautiful notebooks. My Smartphone may be my reliable assistant nowadays but notebooks can really go a long way. I would like to pile up my table with stickers too and other crafting materials but with two kids running around, I think I an left with no choice but stick with the more durable stationary for the mean time.


  7. Chhavi says:

    Wow. Never been a user of planner but looking at this I am inspired. This looks interesting. Wil definitely have one now.


  8. Stella the Travelerette says:

    I really like this idea of creative planning. I always want to figure out how to manage my time better because working full time and travel blogging part time is extremely difficult. Having cute little journals and accessories might make me more motivated to plan effectively. My only problem is that I prefer to type everything because my handwriting is so poor!


  9. Arrianne Guzman says:

    Being a planner junkie is so cute! 🙂 I love the idea of putting creativity into “planning”. For someone like me who works in the corporate world and at the same time do blogging after office hours, planning is really a big thing. And it will be more inspiring with creative stuff like the one you are doing 🙂


  10. ROBERT LEE says:

    I appreciate when I see what you have done. Curious, nakasulat ba sa planner ang time spent on creative planning? Hihihi. Ako kasi, sa planner, write as fast as I could and I’d say I do an excellent job of mimicking the penmanship of doctors.


      1. ROBERT LEE says:

        Hahaha! One hour every Sunday is good enough. I do planning on Sundays usually too. I spend more time doing so because that is when I try to fill up the week’s schedules.


  11. Cheryle says:

    I really enjoy crafting new stationery stuffs. I created a personal planner that works for me. I tried to get creative as possible. However, I realize that it’s time-consuming. Nevertheless, it’s worth every effort.


  12. Rachel Arandilla says:

    Scrapbooks! This posts remind me of my high school days, when I would spend hours in the Scrapbook Section of bookstores. Each page are always customized and beautifully ‘yours’–there’s so much effort put to it, compared to just uploading photos on social media.


  13. Klaudia says:

    Lovely creative and pretty what you are doing ! I am more the non-planning chaotic type , but somehow I get stuff done . I see so many of you younger bloggers being so well organized and having stuff planned , I believe it saves you a lot of time in the end . And having such beautiful DIY planners makes it fun on top , you are putting a lot of effort and love into it , I can tell ! Lovely job 🙂


  14. Sonnie says:

    I admire you guys for the hobby. Maintaining several planners is already time consuming, much more decorating them. My planning is done online, but I have 2 journals- one for biz, and one personal and that is for reflection purposes.


  15. Marge Gavan says:

    It looks fun to do. I stopped collecting planners years ago because apparently I wasn’t too busy so they weren’t really useful for me. But lately, with all the traveling that I’m doing, I’ve gotten real busy and so I think I must own a planner again. And you just gave me so many ideas to make it more fun. I am a creative person so this appeals strongly to me.


  16. Zwitsy says:

    I use to keep planners with me before. It’s just that due to the need of focus on the business I am managing, things have changed. But I know that planner still plays an important role regardless of what makes you busy. I wasn’t just able to secure one for this year since there are so many things that had happened out of hand. Thence, ended me up using a virtual planner instead. But as for me, planners like BDJ is still the best and I like your idea of creating your own! I wish I have more time to spend on hobbies.


  17. alison says:

    I love the idea of having a planner more than I like actually having a planner! I love getting one and starting to make it cute and creative but the first time I make a mistake I want to trash it! I want it to be perfect! I know I am crazy that way. But I like the idea of having a few different planners for the different activities in your life!


  18. Me-An Clemente says:

    I also use a planner, I used to do scrapbooking before and I also find crafting materials cute. Despite it, I’m not engaged in creative planning. I guess I’m too busy to find the time for it. Thus, I admire those who allot time to do a personalized planner.


  19. Nadine Smith (Scenes From Nadine) says:

    If only I had time to make my planner look as creative and pretty as yours! Because I’m always in a hurry, I tend to just write on my planner using a pencil. I use a pencil because my schedules always change so I want to keep it clean if I need to erase and change something. I have a Starbucks planner now and the only “creative” thing I do with it now is to add hearts and stars. Haha! I used to own a BDJ planner too but stopped buying it because of its weight.


  20. Georgia says:

    I’m always in awe of people who are into planning, I do have a little planner I got from eBay that I simply have as an organiser but as its Korean it came with super cute stickers which I’ve used but I’ll be honest I’m not as into making it pretty. It’s such a huge hobby in the UK and I know a lot of bloggers who create such gorgeous scrapbooks and planners!


  21. jared's mum says:

    I’ve loved planners + journaling since I was a little girl + all these lovely creative planning posts on IG, as well as those beautiful supplies and accoutrements, is making me drool! I wish I can buy them all! Haha! My go-to are beautiful washis, stickers, + old used stamps {the real ones}. I am using a planner that is most ideal for mums but to be able to fully creatively plan I might have to opt for another planner brand next year! I am definitely checking this shop out! Thanks for all the creative input + inspiration! ^_^


  22. Jimmy says:

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  23. m88vn says:

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