Papermela Hibiscus and Bohemian Collection

Papermela Hibiscus and Bohemian Collection

Recently, I shared to you how can you beautify your planners using Papermela stickers and clips. Ooops, have you noticed as well that the shop name has changed? From Bella Storia MNL, it is now called Papermela. Well, I think the name best fits the shop. Isn’t it?

Just few weeks ago, I have received new stickers from Domina, the owner. She included her new stickers from  the new Hibiscus Collection and I also personally bought the Boho Chic themed stickers.



Recently, I replaced my inserts and got Vertical Week on 2 Pages Layout inserts. I find the horizontal one hard to manage. With the vertical layout, the stickers fit perfectly.

Hibiscus Collection


Who wouldn’t love florals? I always have an eye for flowers. I decorate my planner with flowers most of the time so Papermela coming up with this made me giddy. I used the sticker with quote to highlight the start of the week – Monday. Then, I also used the half boxes to highlight the days.

Along with the Hibiscut comes also the Chibi stickers. Her cute Chibi stickers completed my week spread! The busy bee chibi below best describes my Thursday because I do a lot of accounting of funds and checking of orders for my business.

Busy Chibi
Busy Chibi

Bohemian Collection

I like this Bohemian collection. It looks so chic and minimalist at the same time. I enjoyed filling my vertical boxes with the stickers because stickers can be repositioned. So if I get it wrong on the fist time, i can still remove and stick it again.

Here’s my weekly spread using the Bohemian Collection.


Every stickers Papermela have are so cute. Please check her collections on Etsy and Instagram below.

Etsy Store:

Instagram Online Shop:


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Papermela Hibiscus and Bohemian Collection


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