Journal and Planner Enthusiasts Philippines Grand Meet 2016

Image Source: Journal and Planner Enthusiasts Philippines Grand Meet Event Page

Creative Planning and the fascination with planners are now creating a buzz in the online community especially on Instagram and Facebook groups. That being said, you can see a lot of planners aesthetically designed with planner bling and accessories.

Just recently, admins of the Facebook group Journal and Planner Enthusiasts of the Philippines held one of the biggest gathering of creative planners – the Journal and Planner Enthusiasts Philippines Grand Meet 2016. The event was held at EDSA Shangri-La mall last October 15.

My planner seatmates joined the Journal and Planner Enthusiasts Philippines Grand Meet 2016’s open session – Creative Planning with Chinky which is scheduled in the morning. If you are from the Philippines, you definitely know Chinky. We were then really ecstatic to know that she will be doing a demo on how she decorates her planner.


Maintaining more than 1 planner works for her because she separates work and her personal planner. She provided tips on how she would use her washi tapes and stamps. She also mentioned she love using doilies and ephemeras. While she’s planning, she asked us to design our weekly planner spread, too then she would select 3 winners among us attendees!

Guess who won 3rd? M-E! Yey!


After the open session, my Planner Seatmates Cathrea, Ira and Toni had first our lunch with Kuya Albert, Kiddie and Kay.

Counter Clockwise: Ira, Kuya Albert, Toni, Kay, Kiddie, Cathrea and me

We returned on the venue by 1:30 and the booths are already set up. Planner babes need not wait for long for their orders to be delivered because the online shops are here! Arts and Crafts haven for a day, indeed! We really can’t wait to check for the arts and crafts supplies being sold.  Yet, we also wanted to mingle with other planner girls so we  lined up and registered first. I have noticed how this event is so organized. There is a registration booth, the booths per shops are properly structured and there are areas where we can do DIY.

registration booth
Our team’s planner stack

Our first activity is the getting to know your seatmates. We introduced ourselves to fellow planner girls and showed our planner/s. One representative had to go in front to introduce the team and name all the planners on our planner stack! Quite hard game so I didn’t volunteer to be the team speaker. Nyahaha.

This meet offered 3 workshops which is about artsy things that can be used along with creative planning. First is Knic’s Bujo 101 session. Bujo or Bullet Journaling is something I haven’t done yet on my creative planning journey. It is a creative and personalized way for listers or list makers on organizing. A lot has been hooked to it lately. Thanks to Knic for prepping a hand out/quick reference guide. I have met her already. She’s a sweet and nice mom (plus a full time employee). Definitely, bullet journal works for her.

Journal and Planner Enthusiasts Philippines Grand Meet 2016
Image Source: Journal and Planner Enthusiasts Philippines Grand Meet Event Page

One of my favorite in creative planning – Aina also shared to us the basics on brush lettering. I always enjoy checking Aina’s Instagram feed. Her handwriting is so-so-so beautiful! She writes very neat and I love seeing her vintage artsy planners and journals. All attendees had a free Zig brush pen on our totes but I just can’t help but stare to what Aina is doing and just listen to her. Well, I can still practice on my free time. Haha!

Bujo 101 with Knic Meneses
Basic Brush Lettering by Aina Kristina
Basic Brush Lettering by Aina Kristina

And last is Jenni’s Basic Watercolor Techniques session. I was looking forward to this because I long wanted to try water coloring. I see a lot of planner girls who do this to decorate their planners and I am always in awe with their artworks. My seatmates enjoyed the activity too especially coloring!

So here are my practice sheets and my coloring. Don’t laugh because hey, I got that pen because of it! Although I won because I made it to the first 10 who finished. ❤


In between sessions, raffle prizes are being given. I got myself a Ploodle your 2016 Planner. I also go to the DIY section. I laminated these cards and made it a dashboard for my planner. Also, the org com cooked up a game on awarding the Ultimate Shopper/Hoarder during the meet. My friend, Toni won! It was her time to get the items she needs. 🙂

Toni, the Inang Reyna

This cute photo was printed using a Kodak Mini Printer. Kodak was very generous to raffle a number of power banks during the meet. Well, solve na ko sa free photo print!


Hello, from us! It is evident we enjoyed, yes?


I would like to thank the admins of this planner group and the organization committee who made this event super successful. I was so lucky to make it on the list of attendees. The sessions are very informative and I get the chance as well on getting the arts and crafts supplies I need.  I went home with 2 large tote bags with me. And what did I do when I want home aside from staring at them? Organize them all!

And take some photos, maybe? 🙂






See you on the next planner meet, ladies!



Here are the generous sponsors of Journal and Planner Enthusiasts Philippines Grand Meet 2016.


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