Lilac Adventures: Brad and Pit’s Ribshack

Heyaaaa! Long have I dreamt of trying out restos in Lilac Marikina, and now, finally! I live in Quezon City and for my readers, you may noticed I have explored different restaurants and cafe in Maginhawa. Yet I know, there are couple of eat streets booming and popping from left and right. So, I guess, checking out Lilac is not too late, yes?

After a long and tiring day wandering, checking the church and the venue of Yana and Lance’s wedding reception, we have decided to have dinner together. They asked me to check where to eat so I suggested we need to try and dine in Brad and Pit’s Ribshack.

Lilac Adventures: Brad and Pit's Ribshack

Brad and Pit’s Ribshack has this dark vintage theme. There were also spooky decorations to match the Halloween season. I was fascinated with the old typewriter, coca-cola bottles and old radio cassette player, and oh, the writings on the wall.

I initially thought we have to wait because the place is already full but we have found out that there are other seats on the other side adjacent to the kitchen. It is located to where you can see the old television. Thank God we didn’t have to wait. We are already hungry! 😛





If you think that bottle Lance is holding in the above photo is sort of an alcoholic drink, na ah. That’s just water. Haha. I like the concept. Anyhow,  it’s not always that a resto should break your wallet just to give you good food. Brad and Pit’s Ribshack is well known for their affordable and delish rib steaks. I ordered Original Ribs Combo, Lance and Glen ordered Spicy Barbie Ribs while Yana decided to try Steak Combo. Ribs Combo is their signature. It’s served with corn and carrots and plain rice. You may choose between original and spicy barbie. Mine’s the original. Ribs are marinated and drizzled with sweet barbeque sauce. It’s typical to have a knife in the utensils they give you for restos which serve steaks, but there aren’t anything given to us. Why? Because the steak is so tender! Additional to our main orders, I added Mount Nachos. I literally enjoyed. It’s literally a mountain of nachos drizzled with melted cheese, spicy barbeque sauce and chillis (no tomatoes). This is a must try! I love spicy food nowadays! For drinks,w e settled for sodas in can and root beer float.


Original Ribs Combo – P149.00

Spicy Barbie Ribs – P149.00

Steak Combo – P149.00

Mount Nachos – P195.00


I hope I didn’t disappoint my friends by choosing Brad and Pit’s Ribshack, because I didn’t. I would definitely return and try the other delish dishes they have on their menu. On my list for my next visit is Ribs Alfredo, Wings Combo and Dynamite Sticks!

See you on my next, food crawl!

From left (counter clockwise): Me, Glen, Lance and Yana

Brad and Pit’s Ribshack is located at 116 Lilac Street, SSS Village, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City


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