Thank you for visiting Aika’s little space in the web!

“Little Stories. Big Mind.” are the words that came into Aika Loraine’s mind when she jumped to the weblog world. She started blogging when she was in college. This little space is her diary. Only that, these are not secrets.

Here you’ll encounter a lot of things coming from the mind of a mid-20s lady. Some stories she decided to share; opinions some would agree, some would not; life hacks; tips and some weird stories of her attempts to try new and sometimes weird things.Her world is like a garden full of flowers. She loves to fly from one to another. She loves to “smell” every scent. She loves to wander. Aika Loraine spends her time traveling. She likes going to the beach. Check her travel adventures including itineraries and spending. Bonus? She makes sure to spend less! Yes, this corner is for budget travel adventures! She also enjoys attending and joining blog events and talks especially if about woman empowerment. More of her can be found on stories about her adventure and obsession to food and coffee.

Have fun browsing!



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