Aika Loraine
lover of a drummer


Aika Loraine is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.
She is interested in writing, fashion and photography.
Food enthusiast,too!
She is fond of reading novels of any genres.
She is a former student journalist – Managing Editor and Literary Editor of TIP Voice-QC.
Dreams of becoming a writer for a magazine or newspaper column as a profession.
Started to love writing poems and articles when she was in 4th year high school.
She loves eating and drinking coffee!
Self-confessed social media addict.
She loves to travel to different places and admires beaches,as well.
She dreams of going to Korea where she can stand in the middle of the street with lots of Cherry Blossom trees.
She is in love…

Torn between WP and weebly. Weebly website link:

vector by May Anne Lantin



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