I am a lover of a drummer. Yes.

The statement means, I have a boyfriend who is a drummer.

I am a GREAT fan of my boyfriend. I accompany him, whenever I can on going to his band gigs.

Last year, he was lucky enough to be part of a skilled and great band, that is Persephone. Persephone is a 4 piece alternative band based here in the Philippines.Composed of Barbara Jeanne (Vocalist/Songwriter/Guitarist), Erwin Ponciano (Lead Guitarist), Jerome Azarcon (Bassist) and my man, Budjie Garcia (Drummer).

Persephone at 19 east
Persephone at 19 east

They have a digital album under GMA Records released last 2013. All of the 12 tracks are still available for download at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and OPM2Go.

In this page of my blog, I’ll let you guys know their upcoming gigs and guesting – where and when. You can see the calendar below. 🙂

Purchase their songs now here:


OPM2GoP240.00, P20 per song.

Persephone Album Cover at Spotify
Persephone Album Cover at Spotify

Contact them so they could be part of your event/s, just click on the social media links below:



video by Cypocalypse2


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