BDJ Fair 2015 Share the Spark! – Celebrating 10 Years

Together with the celebration of Belle De Jour (BDJ) Power Planner’s 10th year, BDJ held its 7th BDJ Fair – BDJ Fair 2015 Share the Spark! at the SM Mall of Asia’s Music Hall last November 29.

BDJ Fair is an annual event which showcases the launch of the latest edition of the BDJ Power Planner and aims to raise funds for the brand’s supported advocacies. This year, the fair’s theme is Share the Spark!

The fun filled event is open for walk-ins but each Bella were given the chance to choose their desired talks. Amongst the talks during the event are:

GET MOTIVATED! with Jaymie Pizarro
MAKE YOUR MARK with RJ Ledesma
TAKE A STAND with Jen Santos
START UP SMART with Mica Tan
FLAUNT YOUR STYLE with Karen Ostrea

Upon arrival, I was welcomed with the accommodating people and I was also given a free Sharpee purple pen! Yey! It’s the one that I used to write on the Freedom Wall.



I arrived a little early for my talk so I got the chance to visit the different booths inside the hall. Since the fair is open for walk-ins, the venue is jam-packed. As much as I wanted to drop by to all of the booths, I cannot manage to join all of the queues. Anyway, let’s have a quick tour!


Touring the 10 Faces that Empowered Filipinas

I joined the Bella community just last year (2014). I got my first Belle De Jour Power Planner and I must admit, the reason why I grabbed it on the shelves is because of its very girly layout. I am really not a planner girl, I just tried. Never did I imagined that it will help me on organizing things and I’ll get hooked to it. The past designs of the planner is one of the highlights of the hall. Everything is so gorgeous!


Meeting Ben | #TBSxBDJ

Hi! Have you met Ben? Look how close we are! Hehehe. Ben is your friendly company of The Body Shop. The Body Shop’s game that day is to post a photo with Ben and a discount voucher shall be given to you. Of course, I got mine. I also checked their products present at their booth.


Unlocking Beauty by Vedette

Who does not want a sample of Vedette’s facial mask? Vedette offers free samples of their masks. Bellas get the cahnce to choose from Whitening Mask Green Tea, Cocoa Clay, Honey Purifying Peel Off Mask and Strawberry Yoghurt Mask Sheet.

After few minutes of wandering, it’s time then for me to line up and enter the area where the talk is being held. My first talk is TAKE A STAND with Jen Santos.

Miss Jen Santos, General Manager of G Stuff

Take a Stand

Key Take Away: “Pwede pala, kaya pala natin”

Miss Jen shared about the Ugong Rock, an old rock formation. The place was developed with the help of their [Miss Jen’s] organization, they soon come up with the Ugong Rock Adventures. Together with the Bantay Kalikasan and Lingkod Kapamilya, Miss Jen helps on improving places and making it a sustainable tourism project. They not just helped on improving the places, they also helped the people on obtaining livelihood and taught them about saving as well. Yes, as Miss Jen said, “Pwede pala, kaya pala.” G Stuff and G World on the other hand are shops that sell the products made by the locals of the places Miss Jen and their team helps.

Start up Smart

Key Take Away: “We millennials are power players in social change.”

Mica Tan, CFO of MFT Group of Companies

When it comes to business topics, you will surely get my full attention. I have been mentioning about my aim of having a business that’s why I am saving, so when I signed up for the event, my first choice was Mica Tan’s. I am very inspired with Miss Mica’s story of success so let me share it with you. She is a already a millionaire at the age of 24. At a young age, she went to the Philippine Stock Exchange to ask someone to teach her trade stocks. She learned and joined Forex Trading by age 15. When she withdraws on studying at The Fordham University, and was heartbroken at age 19, she engaged herself in network marketing and sold gluta soaps. Fast forward, at age 22 she, along with business partners established MFT Group of Companies.

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I got home inspired with the talks I participated in and with lots of freebies and discount vouchers. I was also able to claim my prize from BDJ! BDJ never really disappoints. Good job and continue your aim of empowering every modern Filipina!

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